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LO Funds - Global Fintech A

LOF – Global FinTech is actively managed in reference to the MSCI ACWI Index. It invests in equity securities issued by
companies worldwide (including Emerging Markets) that are active in the research, development, production, promotion
and/or distribution of digital financial services and/or technologies. It may invest across all economic sectors (including,
but not limited to, companies that support the supply chain of, and provide services for, these companies). It seeks to
invest in high quality companies with sustainable financial models, business practices and business models showing
resilience and the ability to evolve and benefit from long term structural trends using LOIM proprietary ESG and
Sustainability Profiling tools and methodologies. The investment approach is based on fundamental research. As part of
its Emerging Market exposure, the Sub-Fund may invest up to 20% of its net assets in shares issued by mainland Chinaincorporated companies (including China A-Shares). The Investment Manager is authorized to use financial derivative
instruments for hedging purposes or for EPM but not as part of the investment strategy.

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